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Wordcraft are a bespoke software and web development company based in Derby, England. Established in 1978 we have worked at the forefront of computing technology for over 30 years. Read on to learn more about what we do and how you can get in touch.

Web & E-Commerce

Standards compliant code, cutting edge web technologies and forward thinking design; Wordcraft have developed fully featured web applications, bespoke content management systems and complete e-commerce solutions for a variety of clients and price points across the UK. We do not rely on the use of 3rd party software for our solutions.

Hardware & Software

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of software development, dating back to our market leading Wordcraft word-processor which was used widely throughout the world, including the NHS. Today, our DryFire Simulators prove our continued development in both hardware and software.

Scalable Business

For years we've been serving customers small and large from across the globe; from the local carpet retailer to DryFire's network of international partners and enterprises like Toshiba Corporation. We cater to businesses of all sizes and have developed software for a number of sectors including retail, healthcare and education.

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Web Development & E-Commerce

R&K Stockcraft

R&K are a Milton Keynes based gun and country clothing shop and originally approached Wordcraft to develop a new website and e-commerce solution. Their existing Magento based site was managed by a third party and was proving too convoluted to use in conjunction with their new in store management system - combining a gun register, back office and till system, and was not updated as frequently as today's retail market requires.

As is often the case with off-the-shelf solutions the system was over-generalised and over-engineered. Instead, they needed a bespoke, simplified solution that would fit their exact requirements. Working remotely from Derby, Wordcraft regularly communicated with the team in Milton Keynes to design and develop an integrated storefront which connects with their existing EPOS system and offers a fully responsive mobile experience.

The shop now has complete control of all the stock they offer for sale on their sites and can upload offers to suit the business trends. They can also upload posts (special offers etc) directly onto all their social media sites with just one click!

Katherine Gibbard, proprietor, had this to say: "Wordcraft have been extremely professional in their approach to my needs. They visited the shop and experienced our day to day requirements to gauge a better understanding of what system we required and how they could best develop this. The design and build stage was very thorough and the testing was interactive with one of the Wordcraft team on hand at every stage. Once we went live, the transition was seamless and through a staged implementation of products on our part, we have learnt the management of the website inside out! I am now able to update special offers, photographs and web pages instantly rather than waiting for a third party response! The Wordcraft team are always on the end of the phone and email and have been excellent to work with!"

Designer Carpet Remnants

Designer Carpet Remnants are a local Derby based business specialising in quality carpets at discount prices. The unique requirements of their industry meant that the sales team were spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to use a popular but generic off-the-shelf solution. Wordcraft, on the other hand, were able to provide an entirely bespoke solution, integrating web design with e-commerce and task management to compliment their workflow and, ultimately, save them money.

Jason Brown, Digital Marketing Manager for Designer Carpets, had this to say: "We're a eCommerce company that sells carpet and our old website looked very outdated and wasn't able to do the things we wanted it to do, we knew we needed a new website but didn't know where to look and I was tasked with the responsibility of finding a company to develop our new website.

At first we consulted a lot of website designers who used off the shelf eCommerce platforms such as Magento or BigCommerce and whilst they are capable of doing some nice things they all provided a generic solution and we had special circumstances that made us different from a standard eCommerce website, after much research it became apparent that the only way we could get a website to do everything we wanted was to have a bespoke solution.

Unfortunately for us if you ask a standard website designer to make their own eCommerce platform from scratch they will think you're insane, that was until we spoke to Wordcraft who are highly skilled software & web developers.

After our first meeting I was instantly reassured that we were going down the right path, they instantly understood why a bespoke solution made sense for us and wasn't intimidated by the task at hand.

I was very impressed by Wordcraft's team, not only is the code top quality but they displayed a genuine interest and understanding of the issues we faced, they never just go ahead with the easiest course of action but always question if what we suggest is the best possible solution, which has led to a better overall product, the solutions we've been provided with has saved countless hours and paid for itself almost instantly.

Dealing with WordCraft is an absolute pleasure and if I had to start over I wouldn't hesitate in using WordCraft again."


My Clay Shooting Record is a fully featured web application designed and developed by Wordcraft as part of a collaboration with Countryside Media. Developed over time with regular meetings between the development team here in Derby and the project's management, MCSR includes a responsive mobile app for tracking personal performance over time and integrates with both Facebook and Twitter. Everything from the database design to the user interface was a bespoke development and as a result it was nominated for Best Website in the 2014 Shooting Industry Awards.


Designed and developed in Derby, DryFire is a unique training system for clay & game shooting. The website acts as the digital storefront for Wordcraft's own hardware business and was designed and developed after vigorous user testing. The bespoke backend services provide both sales and support teams with the tools they need to run effectively and efficiently day to day while our rich web data APIs act as the backbone for many of the online components in the desktop-class DryFire software.

Hardware & Software Development


Revise, create or replicate any simple object with a smartphone using the ReviPart app.

With the ReviPart App take a photograph of a simple 3D object. Within minutes ReviPart will generate a model from the photograph which can be sent straight to a 3D printer.

Some of the possible uses include:

  • Copying a part for a car or a home appliance or a board game that is no longer manufactured.
  • Create an object from scratch based on text, or a geometric shape, or a photographed image.
  • Adapt an existing object to create a new one. For example, photograph a battery to create a cover.

DryFire Target Simulators

DryFire has been designed using complex algorithms to simulate the realistic flight of targets, as well as the use of different cartridges and chokes. The simulator projects a small red laser spot (or target) onto your wall. This laser target moves at the same trajectory and speed as a real clay target. The muzzle insert releases an invisible signal (infra red) when the trigger switch is pulled, this signal is then detected by the camera in the simulator head and this information is then sent to the DryFire software for analysis.

ShootClay UK

ShootClay UK is a FREE Shotgun Shooting Ground Guide for the UK. All known Shotgun Shooting Grounds within the UK are listed and mapped to help you find a great shooting ground. Using GPS technology this app tells you your calculated distance away from the closest shooting ground, along with all other details including name, supported disciplines, contact details and where appropriate, a direct link to the ground's website.

Scalable Business

Toshiba Corporation

Wordcraft developed printer and scanner drivers for part of the e-Studio range of multi-function peripherals on Windows '98 through to Windows 8.1. The devices involved were a mixture of COM class and Printer class USB devices. Linux CUPS and SANE drivers were also written to support a subset of these devices. In addition to printing and scanning, our LaserFax, UniMessage and P3fax products were all customised to support Toshiba devices with Class 2 Fax capability.

Wordcraft Word Processor

Wordcraft was one of the world's first mass market word processors and was written for a number of computers, including Commodore PETs, Apricots and IBM PCs. Most of the code was written in BCPL and it was used widely throughout the world, including within the NHS.

Our Reviews

"The Wordcraft team are always on the end of the phone and have been excellent to work with." Katherine Gibbard, Milton Keynes.
"Dealing with Wordcraft is an absolute pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate in using them again." Jason Brown, Derby.
"The system works well and is a revelation to use" Callum Ferguson, Scotland.

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