A different approach. by Wordcraft MD, Andrea Roach.
Credit: NASA Earth Day 2016

Did you know there are currently over 2,000 CMS platforms on the market all of which claim to be the best platform for your business? To research any or all of them is very time consuming, not to mention overwhelming.

Rather than contemplating such a daunting task why not consider a different approach - an approach which will ensure you are always in control of your own online business.

Begin by defining your business and technical requirements, then give the team at Wordcraft a call:

Less cost and more orders? Don't fall into the trap of thinking a custom website is very expensive, because it's not! An off the shelf solution cannot possibly fit every business model, there will be compromises and possibly expensive plug ins, all of which make future upgrading a real expensive headache!

Wordcraft will develop a bespoke web content management (WCM) system that will suit your business down to the finest detail. A solution which can be updated for any evolving business, a solution which does not rely on a 3rd party partner, a solution which will meet your business needs today and tomorrow.

Our customers have experienced painless migration from websites which were outdated and costing more to run than they were saving! Now they are all very happy saving time and making more money every day with their Wordcraft bespoke e-commerce website.

"If you ask a standard website designer to make their own eCommerce platform from scratch they will think you're insane; that was until we spoke to Wordcraft who are highly skilled Software & Web Developers." Jason Brown, Marketing Manager for Designer Carpet Remnants

What to expect from a Wordcraft custom website:

"Once we went live, the transition was seamless and through a staged implementation of products on our part, we have learnt the management of the website inside out." Katherine Gibbard, Proprietor of R&K Stockcraft