Designer Carpet Remnants

Designer Carpet Remnants are a local Derby based business specialising in quality carpets at discount prices. The unique requirements of their industry meant that the sales team were spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to use a popular but generic off-the-shelf solution. Wordcraft, on the other hand, were able to provide an entirely bespoke solution, integrating web design with e-commerce and task management to compliment their workflow and, ultimately, save them money.

Jason Brown, Digital Marketing Manager for Designer Carpets, had this to say: "We're a eCommerce company that sells carpet and our old website looked very outdated and wasn't able to do the things we wanted it to do, we knew we needed a new website but didn't know where to look and I was tasked with the responsibility of finding a company to develop our new website.

At first we consulted a lot of website designers who used off the shelf eCommerce platforms such as Magento or BigCommerce and whilst they are capable of doing some nice things they all provided a generic solution and we had special circumstances that made us different from a standard eCommerce website, after much research it became apparent that the only way we could get a website to do everything we wanted was to have a bespoke solution.

Unfortunately for us if you ask a standard website designer to make their own eCommerce platform from scratch they will think you're insane, that was until we spoke to Wordcraft who are highly skilled software & web developers.

After our first meeting I was instantly reassured that we were going down the right path, they instantly understood why a bespoke solution made sense for us and wasn't intimidated by the task at hand.

I was very impressed by Wordcraft's team, not only is the code top quality but they displayed a genuine interest and understanding of the issues we faced, they never just go ahead with the easiest course of action but always question if what we suggest is the best possible solution, which has led to a better overall product, the solutions we've been provided with has saved countless hours and paid for itself almost instantly.

Dealing with WordCraft is an absolute pleasure and if I had to start over I wouldn't hesitate in using WordCraft again."