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DryFire Projection System (DPS)


DPS is a new WiFi product and will be available in spring 2022.

DPS requires use of a short-throw PC data projector which you may source locally.

Note: Wordcraft does not supply projectors or screens.

DPS consists of:

  • the DPS Sensor Unit (DPS-SU - shown below) - this detects the location of your shots,

    Note: the DPS-SU is not a projector, its job is to detect the pulse of infrared laser light that is transmitted by the Universal Gun Assembly (UGA) when you press the trigger.

  • the UGA mounted under your shotgun barrel,

    Several shooters may use the system at the same time with the optional "Friends Pack" and additional UGAs.

  • the projection version of the DryFire software.

What does it do?

DPS brings the realistic look and feel of outdoor clay and game shooting into your own home:

  • at any time convenient to you,
  • using your own shotgun,
  • with no travel costs,
  • with no cartridge costs,
  • with no range fees or clay costs,
  • with no need to worry about the weather,
  • with accurate feedback after every shot.
  • with support for all trap, skeet and sporting disciplines - plus game.

DPS provides intensive practice - 100+ targets every evening is realistic.

DPS will improve your scores if used correctly.

The DPS software generates backgrounds and moving targets which are projected onto a screen or wall using a PC data projector. This gives a very realistic impression of outdoor shooting without the moving lasers used by the DryFire Laser System (DLS).

The DPS-SU contains three digital cameras and three high speed digital processors running in parallel to help you set up the system and to spot the location of the each shot - single and doubles targets.

The DPS-SU angle is set using the two screw feet on the front of the unit - or it can be attached to a tripod.

Space and other requirements

In addition to a DPS system you need:

  • a space of about 4m x 4m (12' x 12') or more,
  • a short-throw PC projector with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080.
  • a 3m or wider projection screen or painted wall onto which images can be projected,
  • a PC or laptop: Windows 10 (version 1809 or later) or Apple (MacOS 10.14 Mohave or later).

Note: Wordcraft does not supply projectors or screens.

Wireless and wire-free

Communications with the PC software, and with the UGA, uses local WiFi - a WiFi router is not required.

Power is supplied by an internal Li Ion battery - recharged from any USB port/charger.

DPS offers a totally wire-free solution - no wires for you or the dog/cat/child to trip over!

Laser or projection? The choice is yours.

Wordcraft also offers the DryFire Laser System (DLS) which doesn't require a PC data projector and generates targets as moving laser dots on a wall or screen.

World champions and Olympic teams have trained with both types of system.

DLS and DPS offer you the choice of system to suit your needs.

Carved from a billet of solid aluminium!

Each DPS-SU case weighs 500g (0.5kg, 1.1lbs) and is individually machined from a solid billet of aluminium.

The video below shows the first batch of samples being machined. The samples were quoted for, ordered, paid for and machined within 5 days of raising a Request For Quotation (RFQ) - that is efficient!

For those interested in this sort of thing (we are - because we like making stuff!), our CAD files were optimised so the interior of the case could be cut with a single 10mm cutter - thus avoiding tool changes. The video shows the use of a vacuum "hold-down" to retain the part while it is machined. Lots of coolant means cutting speeds can be increased and the finish is much improved. (Sorry, we are a bit nerdy about CNC!)

The photos below show an example from the first batch of machined, anodised and assembled cases.

The DPS-SU may be mounted on a flat surface or on a tripod. The unit must be horizontal and square-on to the screen but it will always looks slightly upwards to see the full screen - the angle required will change slightly depending how far the DPS-SU is from the screen. The angle may be adjusted with the screw-in feet or with the tripod.