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DryFire WiFi versions

The DryFire WiFi versions will be available in spring 2022.

The WiFi range

Wordcraft has been producing simulators for clay and game shooting for over 20 years and in 2021 we re-engineered the range to operate wire-free over WiFi.

Note about "WiFi"

DryFire products communicate with one another over "local WiFi" - they don't require access to a WiFi router.

The DryFire software does require an Internet connection:

  • for on-line documentation,
  • to ensure you always have the latest version,
  • to help with technical support.


Both systems use the same Universal Gun Assembly (UGA).

Both systems support single and double targets in all disciplines: trap, skeet, sporting and game.

Side by side on the DryFire Shooting Stand.

On the left the current DryFire Laser System with power supply and USB cable.

On the right the DryFire Projection System: no power supply or USB cable required.

Note the all-important tape measure required during setup.

DryFire Laser System (DLS)

  • Uses motor driven heads for the lasers and cameras.
  • Generates targets as moving laser dots on a wall or screen.
  • Based on the original DryFire system that has been used by World and Olympic champions.
  • Displays results on your PC or laptop immediately after you shoot.
  • Can be used in a fairly confined space.
  • Does not require a PC data projector

DryFire Projection System (DPS)

  • Has no moving parts.
  • Generates photographic backgrounds on the screen or wall in front of you.
  • Generates targets as images of clays moving through the background.
  • Has a more realistic "look and feel" of shooting outdoors.
  • Displays results directly in front of you immediately after you shoot.
  • Requires a fairly wide screen or wall (3m+).
  • Requires use of a short-throw PC data projector (1920 x 1080 or better).

Note: Wordcraft does not supply projectors or screens.

Comparison of the two systems