Our Portfolio

Designer Carpet Remnants are a local Derby based business specialising in quality carpets at discount prices. The unique requirements of their industry meant that the sales team were spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to use a popular but generic off-the-shelf solution. Wordcraft, on the other hand, were able to provide an entirely bespoke solution, integrating web design with e-commerce and task management to compliment their workflow and, ultimately, save them money.

R&K are a Milton Keynes based gun and country clothing shop and originally approached Wordcraft to develop a new website and e-commerce solution. Their existing Magento based site was managed by a third party and was proving too convoluted to use in conjunction with their new in store management system - combining a gun register, back office and till system, and was not updated as frequently as today's retail market requires.

DryFire Target Simulators

Designed and developed in Derby, DryFire is a unique training system for clay & game shooting. The DryFire.com website acts as the digital storefront for Wordcraft's own hardware business and was designed and developed after vigorous user testing. The bespoke backend services provide both sales and support teams with the tools they need to run effectively and efficiently day to day while our rich web data APIs act as the backbone for many of the online components in the desktop-class DryFire software.

My Clay Shooting Record

My Clay Shooting Record is a fully featured web application designed and developed by Wordcraft as part of a collaboration with Countryside Media. Developed over time with regular meetings between the development team here in Derby and the project's management, MCSR includes a responsive mobile app for tracking personal performance over time and integrates with both Facebook and Twitter. Everything from the database design to the user interface was a bespoke development and as a result it was nominated for Best Website in the 2014 Shooting Industry Awards.

SmartMini provides a family of boards designed to speed up project, prototype and product development using the Arduino 5V Pro Mini. SmartMini also brings distributed and parallel processing to the Arduino Pro Mini. SmartMini boards may be used individually or chained together to enable multiple Pro Minis to be used in distributed or parallel processing - thus enabling the develop of applications that may be too large, or too processor intensive, to fit within a single Pro Mini.


Revise, create or replicate any simple object with a smartphone using the ReviPart app. With the ReviPart App take a photograph of a simple 3D object. Within minutes ReviPart will generate a model from the photograph which can be sent straight to a 3D printer. Some of the possible uses include: Copying a part for a car or a home appliance or a board game that is no longer manufactured. Create an object from scratch based on text, or a geometric shape, or a photographed image. Adapt an existing object to create a new one. For example, photograph a battery to create a cover.