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DryFire: a brief outline

Please click here to see a video of DryFire in use for trap shooting.

Sunday clay shooter or World Champion - everyone gets better scores with DryFire.

Want to improve your scores?

Want a better chance of winning?

Want practice between shooting or instruction sessions?

Want intensive practice, at minimum cost, every day, at home, in the warm and dry?

Want to know exactly where every shot went?

You need DryFire!

Space at a premium?

DryFire is designed to work in an area with little space - any wall 10' (3m) or wider will do. Kitchen wall, in the dining room across the dining table, in a spare bedroom across the bed, against the inside of the garage door, in the attic, in a garden shed - almost anywhere will do.

We know some groups who rent their village hall a couple of nights every week so they and their friends can get their practice in - and enjoy a bit of competition about who buys the round at the pub afterwards!

In fact, Aislin Jones, the 2018 World Junior Skeet champion, used it in what we would consider the worse environment - through a doorway at a wall in the kitchen! It seemed to work for her - it helped take her from novice to World Champion in a couple of years!

Please click here to see a typical DryFire setup in a fairly small space.

Please click here to see a video of DryFire used for trap shooting practice.

Projection version

The optional projection version adds an extra level of reality by projecting both the layout and the targets as an image in front of you.

Projection requires a short-throw data projector and a suitable wall or screen.

The photo below shows ATA Singles Station 3 ready to launch a target - the green microphone symbol (top left) shows that DryFire is listening for you to call "Pull". The simulator and laptop are placed on a cabinet (a table or a tripod would do just as well) behind the projector and you stand behind the simulator to shoot.

A record of success

Since its invention in 2002 the DryFire shooting simulator has helped thousands of shooters worldwide to improve their skills and, more importantly, improve their scores. DryFire is in daily use by club shooters and world champions providing accurate targets and accurate feedback.

DryFire is not the for those who want a shoot-em-up arcade game using a replica gun. DryFire is for serious shooters who want intensive practice with their own gun and with a level of feedback impossible outdoors.

DryFire is designed, and priced, for use in your home.

You don't have to kit up and travel miles to a shooting ground to practise your shooting. You don't have to travel miles to pay to use a super-duper, all singing and dancing, arm-and-a-leg, fancy, big screen simulator. You can fit in 200 targets, at home, after work, every evening if you wish. You will be ready to turn clays to dust when the weekend shoot comes round!

DryFire isn't cheap (though way below the cost of a even a secondhand good quality shotgun) but it pays for itself in weeks with savings on cartridges, clays, travelling and time

Check our testimonials page for reports on how DryFire has helped shooters improve their scores.

DryFire lets you practise clay and game shooting in the comfort of your own home - using your own gun.

DryFire targets follow exactly the same angular trajectories, at exactly the same angular speeds, as targets outdoors.

DryFire requires: hold, "Pull", acquire, mount, move (swing), shoot, follow through - with exactly the same angular "lead" as outdoors.

DryFire tells you exactly where each shot went: above, below, ahead, behind - to the nearest few mm!

DryFire builds muscle memory because gun movement indoors is exactly the same as outdoors

DryFire provides intensive practice - hundreds of shots every evening if you wish.

DryFire supports all national, International and Olympic disciplines (Skeet, Trap, Sporting, etc.).

DryFire supports all clay types, cartridges and chokes.

DryFire accurately simulates wind direction and speed.

If price is a concern, as it is for most of us, we also offer Swing which provides an introduction to practising at home using the same singles targets as DryFire without the feedback.

Shooting is a skill - so is turning an egg!

All skills require regular practice - lots of it!

Go to a country show or craft exhibition and watch a woodturner in action. Ask her to make you an egg - it will look simple. Now have a go yourself - things will go pear-shaped in seconds!

Note the parallels with shooting:

  • The woodturner is relaxed.
  • Everything happens smoothly - almost in slow motion.
  • The woodturner can even chat to you as the egg takes shape.
  • Years of hand/eye coordination and practice means the woodturner is on auto-pilot - like riding a bike.
  • The brain has taken over the task of performing the skill in the background - leaving you to concentrate on external events or things that may go wrong - like driving a car.

Practice, practice, practice...

The bad news is that this doesn't happen overnight - it requires intensive practice to acquire the skills and keep them honed to perfection.

The path to skills is strewn with mistakes - pear-shaped eggs and low scores!

DryFire provides the practice and feedback that builds muscle memory and hand/eye coordination. DryFire allows you to make mistakes, in the privacy of your home, along the path to acquiring top level shooting skills. With DryFire you know you have made a mistake, you know where your shot went as a result of bad technique or lack of concentration. If you fail to concentrate outdoors you will miss, if you fail to concentrate with DryFire you will miss.

DryFire is ideal for use between coaching sessions. Your coach can see what you are doing wrong and help you do it correctly by improving your technique. Then you need practice, lots of it, ready for the next coaching session.

Each week you may shoot a couple of rounds outdoors - 50 targets.

Over a year you may shoot 2,000+ targets - often under pressure or in poor weather conditions.

With DryFire you can shoot 200 targets every evening.

With Dryfire you can fit a year's pressure-free shooting into less than two weeks!

With DryFire you can concentrate on the targets that you find hard. Breaking the easy ones makes us feel good but practice with the hard ones, and then breaking them outdoors, makes us feel a lot better!

Fast crossing or quartering doubles? Sneaky bouncy rabbit? Full Olympic Trap competition with 15 traps and 9 setting tables? No problem after practising with DryFire!

We can't guarantee to make you a world champion but we can guarantee to help you reach the peak of your personal ability.

Eye dominance

Right-handed shooters instinctively shoot right-handed, left-handed shooters shoot left-handed. You have a problem if your dominant eye doesn't match your handedness.

You can try to fix the problem with gadgets but the best long-term solution is to swap handedness.

The downside is your scores will drop like a stone and you will get frustrated. You could spend a small fortune practising outdoors over months until your scores creep back up or you could practice every evening for a week with DryFire and get the job done quickly.

Please click here to read our article on eye dominance.

The DryFire simulator

The video shows a dual-head Dryfire unit displaying simultaneous crossing targets on Skeet station 4.

If you look carefully you can see the laser targets rising quickly from the trap houses then falling slowly at the end of their flight. DryFire accurately models the flight of the clay from trap to ground with full allowance for clay type (standard, mini, battue, rabbit, etc.), wind speed and wind direction.

The DryFire simulator is controlled over USB by software running on a Windows 10 PC or on an Apple Mac.

An example of feedback

The example below shows two shots taken at the same target.

  • The first shot was high and to the left - as shown in the left hand result box. Note the green line at the bottom of the box - this matches the border of the circular image of the shot pattern shown in relation to the clay's trajectory which is displayed as a dashed yellow line.
  • The second shot, with the blue border, was very low and to the left - it was also taken very late with the clay over 52m from the trap.

More eggs

Of course, when turning an egg, there are some clever ideas to help before you perfect the skill.