Documentation, downloads and technical support

Please check the trouble shooter page.

Please check these notes before requesting technical support.

Software and hardware supported

Wordcraft International provides global support for Version 5 (V5) software.

In the USA DryFire America provides support for Version 4 (V4) software.

Both companies provide support for the dual head simulator in a black case.

Neither company can provide support for previous software or hardware (see note).

User Guides, help and instruction manuals

  • DryFire Version 5.4 User Guide. Version 5.4 was released in May, 2022.

    Version 5.4 adds support for the DryFire Main Board Mk2 released in May, 2022. This board is square shaped, the previous board was "T" shaped.

  • DryFire Version 5.2 User Guide. Version 5.2 was released in 2020.

    This also covers the use of Swing and is in PDF format which will be downloaded to your PC (and stored in your download folder) so it is available whenever you need it. You can, of course, print it out if you wish.

    The first page of the document contains instructions on using Google Translate to translate the User Guide into any language you wish.

  • DryFire Version 5 How do I ... Guide. Answers many of the "How do I ...?" questions we are asked.
  • DryFire Version 5 Trouble shooter. Help when things don't work as expected.


  • Please let us know of anything you would like added or changed in our documentation.
  • The User Guide for DryFire Version 4 is provided on the software CD that came with the system.

Software downloads


  • The DryFire simulator and Swing use the same software.
  • Technology changes rapidly with Microsoft, Apple and Google frequently updating their operating systems. We regret that we cannot support operating systems older than those listed above.
  • You can download, install and try the software before purchasing a system to go with it. Obviously the parts that interact with our hardware will not function.

Important note about earlier systems

Version 5 software will not work with older green simulators or with single head systems.

Please read the Version 5 page to see if your simulator is suitable.

You will need the Version 5 upgrade to use the new software with an existing version 4 dual head simulator.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Before requesting help

Our latest software, version 5.4, was released in May, 2022.

DryFire is a "mature" product that has been on the market for over 20 years. It is not impossible to find bugs in the software - if we find any, we fix them!

We are pleased that we get very few support requests but we find that the ones we do get are usually resolved by looking carefully at the User Guide, the How do I.. Guide or the Trouble shooter page.

It is embarrassing (on both sides) if we have to say:

    "That's a good question, and the answer is in the xxxx section of the User Guide."

So, before contacting us, please check the documentation available here. An hour's careful reading will have you shooting at targets, and getting detailed feedback, far faster than contacting us.

Let's be honest, DryFire contains a lot of functions to improve your shooting and it will take time for you to get the best out of it. Reading the User Guide a couple of times would be a good start - we wrote it to help you but, if it doesn't help, we will rewrite it!

Don't get us wrong, if you have a problem not covered by the documentation, we will help you resolve it - we are proud of DryFire and we want you to enjoy the benefits it provides.

If you have tried everything, and you really are stuck, please check the technical support page for details on how to contact us - that page outlines the information we need before we can help you.

Returning a unit

We may ask you to return a unit for a hardware upgrade or for repair if it has been damaged - but please check with us before sending anything to us.

Please follow these instructions to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Important note about customs documents

  • A unit returned for update or repair does not have its original purchase value for customs purposes.
  • It is very important that you mark the customs document, in English, as follows:

    "Product returned under warranty or for repair - maximum value for customs purposes 25 (twenty five) pounds sterling."

  • Wordcraft International cannot accept delivery of return packages marked with a higher value - because we will be charged import duty and VAT on that value.
  • Packages marked with a higher value may be returned to you by your original shipper or, with your agreement, we can add any additional costs to your bill.

Packing details

The critical thing is that the simulator heads do not move, and are not crushed, during transit.

  • Please use the original packaging if you still have it. Use the cardboard turrets around the simulator heads to stop them moving around during transit. Do this by ensuring the simulator has no power, then moving the head into the upright position then put the turrets on the heads and taping around the turrets.
  • If you don't have the original cardboard turrets, we recommend placing folded card between each head and its bracket so that it cannot bounce up and down within the bracket.
  • Place the simulator in a large plastic bag and, if you don't have the turrets, use some tape to bind the outside of the bag firmly over each head so that the head cannot move.
  • Make sure everything is secure and that nothing can move inside the packaging.
  • If you don't have to original packaging please use a strong cardboard box for shipping - don't use a shipper's paper/plastic envelope.
    • Ensure the box is large enough to leave a gap around the top of the simulator so that if something is placed on the box while in transit the weight doesn't fall immediately onto the simulator heads.
    • Any gaps in the box should be filled with plenty of loose-fill, white plastic bits, or other suitable filler - make sure that the simulator cannot move inside the box.
    • Pack the whole thing tightly and securely. Shake the box to check that the simulator does not move.
  • Please read the checklist below to ensure you have provided everything we will need.

Note: Wordcraft International Ltd reserves the right to charge for repairing damage caused during transit.

Our shipping address

Wordcraft International Limited
8 Heritage Business Centre
Derby Road
DE56 1SW
United Kingdom

Please use the phone number below if required by the shipper.

Returns check list

Please ensure that all documentation accompanying your package states clearly that:

"This product is being returned under warranty or for repair - maximum value for customs purposes 25 (twenty five) pounds sterling."

Please include the following with your package.

  • Your Simulator or Gun Assembly.
  • Your return address (it must be a physical address - not a PO box number).
  • Your email address.
  • Contact telephone number for the shipping company to contact you on return.
  • A note describing the fault in as much detail as you can.
  • Copies of any emails you have exchanged with us about the return.

Note: Wordcraft International Ltd. recommends UPS for shipping.

Note about older software and hardware

Like many software and hardware companies we try to provide support for our systems for as long as possible - even beyond the warranty period.

However, we cannot continue to support old hardware and software for ever for a number of reasons:

  • The people who wrote it, or designed, it may have left the company, retired or died.
  • We cannot keep examples of every hardware item we manufacture - we simply don't have the kit to try things on.
  • Software tools (provided by others - like Microsoft) go out of date and are no longer supported.

So, we have to draw a line.