Established in 1978, we have over 40 years experience in solving problems by developing software, electronics, websites and ecommerce. Today we continue to develop our own products as well as helping others develop theirs.

Autumn 2022: during the Covid pandemic our DryFire system helped thousands of shooters worldwide to maintain and improve their skills in the comfort of their own homes. Now, with the competition season drawing to a close, DryFire can be used in the warm and dry to keep skills on top form ready for 2023.

Our Company


Our products, all invented and developed by us, have changed over the years from software packages to complete systems using hardware, electronics and software.

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We provide software, electronics, web and ecommerce consultancy and development services to those who wish to create and market their own products and services.

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We are based in Belper, Derbyshire (England) and you can contact us via our Contact page where you will also find more information about us and our history.

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Current Products


With prices starting at under £1,000 (ex local taxes), DryFire brings photo-realistic and highly accurate clay and game shooting practice into the comfort of your own home. With feedback accurate to a fraction of an inch you know exactly where every shot went while building muscle memory and improving your scores.

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Priced at under £250 (ex local taxes), Swing uses the same targets as DryFire following the same angular trajectories, at the same angular speed, as real clays - ideal for practising hold, target acquisition, gun mount, gun movement and follow through. Swing doesn't provide feedback after each shot.

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SmartAngle is a a new type of level - not a spirit level and not an inclinometer. It provides instant feedback by way of a traffic light display, "if it's green, it's level", and a beep when level. It is available for OEM supply only and details may be found here.

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