What We're About

Software and Web Development

Over the years we've produced a variety of software for a number of industries; word processing, print/fax, education, food, sport, ecommerce. No matter what your need we have the expertise to produce great software and websites to make people and businesses more productive.

Hardware and Devices

Wordcraft don't only write software - we also design and develop hardware solutions such as our DryFire target simulator. Connected gadgets and the internet of things are only set to increase in popularity and we're at the forefront, developing alongside creative hardware enthusiasts.

We <3 Ideas

Do you have an idea for a killer app, maybe some custom software, gadget or website that will make you stand out from your competitors? We'd love to hear about it and see if Wordcraft could help fuel the creative spark that turns your idea into reality.

Why We're Different

The Power of Bespoke

The way you work is unique. The way your business runs is unique. So why isn't your software? Instead of always adapting your business processes, why not just adapt your software? With a bespoke solution from Wordcraft you'll have complete control.

Complete Solutions

We can create a complete solution for you, including a customer-centric website, administration tools to manage your business processes, integration to existing desktop applications, new mobile apps and even new gadgets.

Code Experts

We pride ourselves on the fact we understand every line of our code because we wrote every line of our code. No outsourcing or over reliance on third party software means you get straight through to the people who make things happen.

People Centric

People come first. You, your customers, your staff - people should drive technology and not the other way around. At Wordcraft we know that tailoring hardware and software to the unique needs of your users is essential to long term success.

Direct Support

Wordcraft believe communication is key - so you can talk directly to the programmers throughout the development and testing process and ensure the system meets your expectations. Any problems post-launch? We're just a phone call away.

Years of Experience

We have been writing code for decades for some of the world's leading office equipment manufacturers. Nowadays we embrace mobile and web technology and embedded systems.

Dealing with Wordcraft is an absolute pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate in using them again.
Jason Brown, Marketing Manager of Designer Carpet Remnants. Read full testimonial.

Development Platforms


Our distinctive approach to desktop applications makes it easy for you to access, monitor and control all components of your system, both local and remote.


Our websites scale from mobile to desktop as standard. We can create bespoke apps, such as bar code readers to link straight to your website, or to read a remote sensing device, or recognise images, or measure sound levels, or... The possibilties are endless.

Internet of Things

Sometimes you need a little hardware assistance. We can write firmware for bluetooth and wireless gadgets that will connect to mobile or desktop devices.


Your website is your shop window, but can also be the core of your back office functions. Your web presence can be one or two pages, or hundreds of documents, or dozens of datasets or a real time information feed.


There are lots of off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions, but do you have the time/money to evaluate them to find the right one for you, to customize it to fit in with your business processes, or worse yet change your processes to suit it? Save yourself the hassle and cost and get a solution designed specifically for your business. Read more.


Keep track of stock, manage the flow of components through your business. Create daily, or weekly reports. Receive notifications of events and integrate with your various sales channels.

The Wordcraft team are always on the end of the phone and have been excellent to work with.
Katherine Gibbard, proprietor of R&K Stockcraft. Read full testimonial.



Ruby is a sophisticated scripting language that allows us to create scalable websites. It links to a wide range of databases, has extensive third party libraries (gems) available and is easily extended to link with custom hardware.


SQL databases are used for datasets that are typically organised into tables. SQL is a powerful language for selecting records across related datasets.


Not all data is structured. A NoSQL database like MongoDB handles collections of documents that may or may not be related.


JavaScript runs the client side code on the browser to provide functionality to your website. It can also power the server, or run on the desktop using Node.js.


The latest standards for website structure, content and layout.


The latest language from Apple for programming apps for iOS and desktop applications for MacOS.


Java is the language behind most Android apps. It can also be used for desktop applications which run on multiple platforms, using a single codebase.


C has been used for writing system software since the 1970s. It remains popular as it provides the ultimate flexibility.


A variation on the C++ standard for applications running under Microsoft Windows.

Objective C

Apple's low level language for iOS and MacOS applications.


Bluetooth and BLE offers a simple short-range connection to a wide range of devices, from mice and headsets to remote sensing devices.


Rust has become the Wordcraft language of choice for Systems Programming.



Embed a timeline, automatically post to your business' page or even allow your users to log in using Facebook.


Tweet automatically, embed a feed online or allow your users to log in using their Twitter account.


Manage your eBay shop at the same time as your website. Automatic synchronisation of eBay listings with your back office.


The easiest way to pay and be paid: Wordcraft can integrate your site directly with PayPal.

WorldPay / CardSave

Take credit and debit card payments using WorldPay or CardSave.

Barclaycard ePDQ

Take credit and debit card payments using BarclayCard's payment portal.

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