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Intensive shooting practice

Welcome to Swing

Swing will be available in February, 2020.

Swing enables shooters to practise gun movement using laser targets that follow exactly the same angular trajectories, at exactly the same angular speed, as real clays. Swing uses the same software as DryFire so the targets are exactly the same as those displayed by the DryFire simulator.

Swing is based on the original idea for DryFire - a device to practise hold, target acquisition, gun mount, swing and follow through.

While Swing doesn't offer the feedback provided with DryFire, it also doesn't require anything fitted to your gun - so it can be set up in seconds to use with a PC or laptop anywhere you want: home, work, office, club - just call "Pull".

Swing is a great way to provide intensive indoor practice and when you are ready to step up to full DryFire, with the highly accurate feedback it provides, every Swing comes with a £50 voucher against the cost of a DryFire laser or projection system.