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Swing: overview


Swing ...

  • ... is a basic low cost introduction to indoor clay shooting practice,
  • ... uses the same Windows/MacOS software as DryFire,
  • ... displays laser targets on a wall in front of you (no data projector required),
  • ... displays targets following the same angular trajectory, at the same angular speed, as outdoors,
  • ... displays all single targets supported by DryFire,
  • ... provides practice for: setup, hold, "Pull", target acquisition, mount, gun movement, follow through.

Swing does not ...

  • ... provide feedback,
  • ... detect your shots or show you the results,
  • ... work with DryFire add-ons such as Projection, Rifle & Pistol etc,
  • ... show simultaneous doubles - though you can select which target of a pair to display.

Benefits of Swing

  • Intensive shooting practice.
  • Practise indoors, anytime, in the warm and dry.
  • Covers all key aspects of clay shooting:
    • setup,
    • hold point,
    • call "Pull",
    • target acquisition,
    • gun mount,
    • gun movement,
    • follow through,
    • relax.
  • Builds muscle memory ready for shooting outdoors.
  • Presents the full range of clay targets: trap, skeet, sporting, FITASC.
  • Targets travel through the same angular trajectories, at the same angular speed, as real clays.
  • Huge saving in travel, clay and shotgun costs - shoot 100/200 targets every evening!

Unlike the full DryFire simulator system Swing doesn't detect shots or provide hit/miss information.

Try out that new gun

Swing is very small (85mm x 75mm x 82mm) and light (315g) so why not take it with you when buying your next shotgun? It is battery powered and doesn't require a PC when using built-in trajectories - so you can try gun movement in-store!


Please click here to download a short .WMV video about Swing.

Key features:

  • USB connection to a Windows 10 PC.
  • Free software available for download.
  • Displays the full range of DryFire singles laser targets.
  • Displays target trajectories but does not detect shot.
  • Battery operated - recharges over the USB connection.
  • Built-in microphone for you to call "Pull".
  • Spirit level for accurate setup.
  • Rubber feet to protect surfaces it is placed on.
  • Tripod bush for mounting on a photographic tripod.
  • Red LED indicates when ready to release a target.