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DryFire Simulators - complete systems

DryFire Laser System £1182.00

This is the laser version of DryFire suitable for a single shooter. Optional projection add-on software may be purchased later if required.

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DryFire Projection System £1308.00

This is the laser version suitable for a single shooter plus the projection software add-on ready for use with a PC data projector. Projector not included.

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DryFire optional add-on software

DryFire Version 5 Upgrade £175.00

This provides an upgrade to version 5 for users with dual head version 4 systems.

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Projection software £150.00

Adds extra realism to DryFire when used with a data projector. Projector not included.

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Rifle & Pistol £150.00

This enables you to practice rifle and pistol shooting against static or random targets.

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Competition £150.00

Competition allows multiple shooters to compete with one another. DryFire controls target order and shooting sequence while maintaining scores and ranking order.

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Designer £100.00

With Target Designer you can create specific trap and stand combinations for those targets you find particularly hard.

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Gun Motion £100.00

Tracks and displays the movement of your gun from the time you call "Pull" until you follow through after shooting. Ideal for smoothing out your gun movement.

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Report Generator £100.00

The Report Generator add-on uses the stored information from the scorecard and produces detailed analysis of each individual shooters' performance...

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Game £85.00

Practice your skill against a variety of game: pheasants, rabbits, deer, boar etc.

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Friends Pack £125.00

Add 5 additional shooters to your system.

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Troop Pack £375.00

Add 20 additional shooters to your system. Ideal for group training.

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DryFire extras

Universal Gun Assembly £160

Additional UGAs allow multiple guns to be ready for use with DryFire.

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Trigger Switch £43.20

A new version of the trigger switch for use with DryFire.

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Gift Voucher

Ideal for your shooting obsessed partner or friend - contact us and we will provide a gift voucher for whatever product or value you wish.

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Swing £255.00

Swing is the entry level product in the DryFire range and provides practice in target acquisition, gun movement and follow through.

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