DryFire Projection System

DryFire Projection is the laser version of DryFire plus the projection add-on. With the included add-on you can choose to use targets as laser dots or targets as projected clay images.

The Projection add-on enables DryFire to be used with a PC data projector and adds an increased level of realism with backgrounds, targets and results displayed in front of you as you shoot.

Support is provided for all trap, skeet and sporting disciplines.

Important notes:

  • The DryFire Projection System includes the Projection add-on software but does not include a projector.
  • Please read the Setup requirements page before placing your order to ensure you have everything required, including a suitable projector, to install and run DryFire.


  • Dual head simulator
  • Version 5 software
  • Universal Gun Assembly
  • Twigger Switch + cable
  • Power supply + cable
  • USB cable
  • Projection add-on software