DryFire Laser System

This is the original version of DryFire which projects targets as laser dots moving across a wall in front of you. The system has been good enough to turn novices into champions within a few short years.

It is ideal for use in a fairly small space and does not require use of a PC data projector.

Support is provided for all trap, skeet and sporting disciplines and the system is suitable for a single shooter. Our Friends and Troop packs allow you to add more shooters if you wish.

Our universal gun assembly comes complete with a clamp for attaching the infrared laser to your firearm. Please choose your desired clamp size:



  • Dual head simulator
  • Version 5 software
  • Universal Gun Assembly
  • Trigger Switch + cable
  • Power supply + cable
  • USB cable for the simulator


  • 1. Please read the Setup requirements page before placing your order to ensure you have everything required to install and run DryFire.

  • 2. We do not supply a charging cable for the Universal Gun Assembly - most households already have these for charging tablets, smartphones or e-readers.