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Measure there, read here

Welcome to SmartAngle

SmartAngle will be available in February, 2020.

SmartAngle is the first Bluetooth digital level and provides:

  • "Measure there, read here" levelling - SmartAngle may be placed anywhere but the reading is always conveniently close to you on your Apple or Android smartphone.
  • "Hands free levelling": leave SmartAngle to do the measuring while you keep both hand free for other work.

Even when you can't see your screen Smartphone tells you the angle - it speaks!

Stops may be set at any angle with warning beeps as the angle approaches and a continuous tone when the angle is reached.

SmartAngle is small, it fits in the palm of your hand, so it is ideal for keeping in a pocket or toolbox - it also comes complete witn its own padded tin box for protection!