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Welcome to SmartAngle

SmartAngle is a new type of levelling device, half way between a traditional spirit level and a digital inclinometer.

SmartAngle is faster to use than a spirit level and easier to use than a digital inclinometer.

With SmartAngle:

    "If it's green, it's level!"

    "If it beeps, it's level!"

SmartAngle is a fully developed product: CAD files are available for injection moulding, PCB files are available, internal software is complete and prototypes have been manufactured.

SmartAngle is a high volume, low cost, product which has the potential to reach a huge worldwide consumer market. Unfortunately, we do not have the manufacturing capacity, nor the distribution network, to do this.

We are therefore looking for a business partner who can handle manufacture and distribution.

For access to full details about SmartAngle please contact: