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DryFire: testimonials

The testimonials below are all unsolicited - they were sent to us by email after people started using DryFire.

Obviously we are delighted when people let us now how they are getting on.

Heini Nolsoe, Denmark

One year after receiving DryFire I am now practicing more than ever and have started to perform consistently in the 90-95 percent hit ratio range on the simulator Olympic Skeet course.

Also 2 months ago I went to the local Olympic Skeet range for the first time in my life and shot an average of about 18 of 25 across 5 rounds.

As soon as people there realized I was a beginner they were totally amazed by my performance, since they seemed to have spent many years themselves before reaching a similar level.

In fact I didn't even have a real shotgun (used a homemade wooden gun) during the first 6 months of DryFire practice and it is only during the past 4 months that I have practiced Olympic Skeet courses.

The potential of this simulator is huge and people at the local range have started to ask me about it already.

Alfie Tibbles, UK

I have been using DryFire for 5 months mainly for Olympic Trap practice, as getting to grounds is not always possible. Dryfire is really helping with my concentration, hold point and aim. I have used a few simulators at Game Fair and shooting events and DryFire is by far the most realistic for the Clay shooter.

I use DryFire at least once to twice a week for 20-30 mins at a time shooting approx 100 targets. As my weekends are taken up with competitions DryFire gives me the freedom to shoot when I want whatever the weather.

I hope to take DryFire to my Local club later in the year where I can show all the shooters how it has assisted me.

Tim Jeffreys, UK

I have been using Dryfire for a few years now, with my limited opportunity to shoot live cartridges it has allowed me to win 8 club championships over the years, also it's great fun! I coach a number of students when I have the time, one of whom invested in a twin head unit early this year. The transformation in his scores has been remarkable as they have increased by an average of 22.5% across the year. But it's not just about the scores, his approach to the targets, mental resilience and confidence have all improved beyond measure. Now my other students want Dryfire as well and in fact one has just ordered the full 'Pro-Pack' this week. Dryfire really doesn't need to advertise as the results speak for themselves. It works, simple as that!

Chee, UK

I have been using Dryfire for a few days and I must say the system is fantastic. It is very realistic and thoroughly enjoyable. The software is easy to use and install. My high compliments to the developer. I have not been out to shoot real clay yet since I have been using Dryfire but I am absolutely sure my shooting has improved already. Thank you so much for producing Dryfire.

Mat Goodwin, UK

Would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I have found Dryfire to be an excellent training aid. It has helped me make it into the GB disabled olympic trap team in the top seated spot. I have also made the able bodied Wales olympic trap team 3 years in a row, with my highest ranking of 4th in wales earlier this year. Not bad from a wheelchair. I also shot a personal best of 114/125 in my first shoot last season after training almost exclusively on Dryfire. The extra practice I get has also helped me rise from C class to A class in the Universal Trench discipline over the last couple of years. The ability to identify patterns in which targets I miss, and where I am missing has proved a valuable analysis tool to tweak gun fit and technique. I will be upgrading to projection soon, hopefully the improvements will continue!

Hans, Germany

I really enjoy your simulator system as it has already improved my shooting a lot and it is also huge fun to use.

Neil, Yorkshire, England

Just wanted to say we found it easy to setup and we're really enjoying it! We've got a queue of interested shooters wanting a go.

Tim Jeffreys, Libya

I have written before about the benefits of DryFire but I wanted to share with you my results from 2013. I have just secured the 2013 championship at my club for the 6th straight year with two months yet to shoot. This came from 7 wins, a 2nd and a 3rd. My average score for the year is 93%. It would be easy to dismiss the level of shooting in our club as poor but we have 2 CPSA instructors and an ex-member of the England team in our ranks so we have a fairly good standard. Where DryFire has really made the difference though is that I moved from Browning to Caesar Guerini mid year. Normally it would take months to get used to a new gun and build the muscle memory needed to shoot at the required standard. However, with DryFire this transition was done seamlessly within a couple of weeks. This allowed me to continue with the CG where I left off with the Browning, recording 3 straight wins. In fact I haven't lose with the CG yet. I can't state the value of DryFire high enough as is a big risk to leave a winning gun in favour of a new one that is effectively untested. But DryFire allows you to perfect the fit and gain the experience required to build a solid foundation before pulling the trigger in competition. I should also mention that I only get to shoot once a month with live cartridges as I live in Libya and only come back for my club shoots. Every other time I lift the gun is for DryFire. It's a brilliant system which just keeps getting better!

I had a big win yesterday leaving the rest of the field 7 shots behind on a 40 bird shoot, including an CPSA instructor. You had better believe he was asking me about DryFire afterwards!!

I use it a lot and on Sunday I won my 5th straight club championship for the 2012 competitive year. Bearing in mind that I am only able to practice with the DryFire because I live and work in Libya where there isn't a clay trap in sight. So my continued form can only come down to DryFire! I can't really say any more than that about the system. It works!

John Lewis, Australia

Love the program. Use it most every day. It has enhanced my shooting tremendously. I rely on it heavily before every shoot. It seems I need constant assurance on the amount of lead and the different approach to rising or falling targets and many other factors that many shooters have never considered. DryFire is a great education tool for the shooter. I Will be installing the projector add on as soon as I can settle on a suitable projector.


I have been asked to shoot for my local clay pigeon shooting club team....IT WORKS!

Upgraded Single Head to Dual Head user

I just wanted say how happy I am that I upgraded from the single head unit to the double head unit. What a difference it has made!! Being able to see both target allows complete visual planning and a more consistently thrown clay as the single head would sometime vary on a double from a single. Not any more. Definitely more challenging but much more fun and I really feel it is starting to take my shooting to a new level, which is the whole point!

B K Webster, B K Webster Gunsmith

I had been watching the development of the Dryfire target simulator for some time, and eventually got around to asking for a demonstration last summer. When the nice people from Dryfire came to our workshop with one of their simulators I hoped to be impressed by the system, and I was. I placed an order for the twin head version immediately.

Phil Coley, Leading expert in Clay Shooting Sports Psychology

DryFire provides a visual stimulus that aids the visualisation skills and skill acquisition for clay shooters of all levels, it is in a class of its own.

Ian Wildig

It's good to know that when my local sporting shoot has been washed out and cancelled, I can still get some practice in! I've used the system a lot over winter, shooting most layouts and I've also seen an improvement in my sporting scores since the season restarted in April.

Tiberio Pochini, Italy

This morning I installed DFV4 on my PC and I tried it... I am speechless! The new features are so amazing ! I appreciate particularly the big windows displaying the various parameters of the shot and the Target position feature: it is really immediate and simpler respect the earlier version. This is really the greatest improvement in my opinion. Congratulations for your work, really well done.

Andrew Lindsay, England

I have installed it and had a brief play. Its certainly a step up from V3 and everything seems to be within easy reach now. Install went without problem and I'm using Windows 7 x64. I like the Target Position bar to see the clay at various stages of flight and being able to change to see the aim point here. I also like the new HIT/MISS layouts.

Frank Miller, England

The software is a big step forward on simplicity and workload, congratulations.

Steven Chesterman, England

Downloaded the software yesterday and loaded onto a 64bit Windows 7 installation, without any issues whatsoever. After starting the software, I must say that the whole navigation, interface and overall user experience has dramtically improved against v3 and that you have now created something that I am struggling to 'put down'. To be honest, I thought V3 was a little shaky, difficult to find functions easily and just did not feel polished. However this new version feels clean, fresh and very easy to get into. I must say job well done to you and the team, remarkable step forward.

Aage-Walter Hansen, Norway

I am a fan of it. Align directly in the shot program.-Making the lane where You can move from stand to stand.-The voice telling you to go to the next stand. -The way of installing the program. -Bouth layouts in double shot.- The menu, symbols, The easy way to be used to it.

Sergeant Mathew McKown, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, USA

I played with DryFire all night. It is better than I hoped for...I am extremely pleased with your product. I just tried out your new ATA trap doubles --- it is perfect. I shot a 96, which is my average. The targets are exactly right.

Ade Parish, England

I shoot 4-5 thousand registered dtl targets each year and I am really grateful for Dryfire - this is the best thing since sliced bread!!!


I am on 46,245 shots, all my own shooting. I shot 12,827 in the first month.

I get at least an hour a day, sometimes 2 hours, (5 days a week) and have a spare office that I have set it up in.

I shot 490 Olympic Skeet this morning (I have taken the time delay out as I don't need that for practice) and I often shoot twice a day. That's a 21,135 saving for cartridges and clays in 19 weeks and does not include the petrol and the time for me to drive to (my local shooting ground). It costs 0.28 per clay and I pay 190.00 for 1000 cartridges.

In March I had my first Olympic Skeet lesson with David Dale who was quite surprised at how good I was in the 1 month I had my DryFire. Now shooting Olympic Skeet for real once a week, DryFire every day, lessons once a month and hoping to make an England team (not GB) for 2013.

DryFire is perfect for Olympic Skeet because it is all muscle memory - gun down then mounting onto the correct lead in 0.6 seconds. I have recommended it to David (2011 English Open Olympic Skeet champion) who has been asked about it by several of his Olympic Skeet clients.

All the best. Brilliant product.

Callum Ferguson Precision Rifle Services, Tomintoul, Scotland

The system works well and is a revelation to use, particularly in showing up bad mounting technique.

Gregor Schmidt-Colberg Shooting Instructor, Germany

I have used the simulator quite a bit. I must say, you have done a good job. This System is really worth it. I will let you know when I will have used it with students.

Paul Atkins, England

I am very impressed and feel it has a real potential. I am working with two schools at the moment and hope to expand this to encourage young people to become interested in clay shooting without the high cost.

Michael N R Burrows, Guernsey

Thank you once again for your excellent service in supplying me my second DryFire machine, it arrived 2 days after placing my order on-line. I've had mine for about 2 months now and its been so much fun that I bought this second one for my son for his birthday. Your service has been exemplary and it's good to see the software being developed with the new Starfire shoot.

Carmel Calleja of Gozo, Malta

I want to tell you that DryFire is FANTASTIC. My new computer was installed yesterday and I worked this simulator in my house for the first time. I really am happy with this machine. Today I worked on the latest CD that you send me. There are no words or adjectives available to describe how wonderful this system is. It is so real that I cannot believe my eyes.

Mark Olson, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Having used it for a number of days now, I can already feel improvement in my shooting. I went out to the range today and took quite a few more birds than I usually have. I did so with a smoother mount, smoother swing, and a very nice follow through. I had practised the low house from station one and station two (American Skeet) during the week. Today, I was smokin' those targets!

It is a nice piece of equipment, very elegant in design, very elegant in its hardware/software interface. You are to be congratulated for a good job well done!

Bob Ridge, Duncanville, Texas, USA

First, let me say that the unit I bought from you is in operation and has worked well. I am very impressed with it's capabilities and how quickly it has helped my game.

This past weekend I decided to see if my 7 year old grandson could be taught to shoot targets. So I took his BB Gun, mounted the muzzle insert on the end, lowered the simulator so he could shot over it and we began shooting singles trap from station 3. On about his third shot he hit the target and from then on he was breaking targets more often then I would have guest possible.

>By the end of the first hour he was shooting Doubles Trap from Station 2 and broke the first three (3) pairs he shot at. I believe your product is going to make a significant impact on the shooting industry.

Later in the weekend I taught my 2 granddaughters how to shoot. Last year I had taken the 15 year old out to the range and she quickly picked up on shooting and began breaking targets. But, after about 75 ( 24 gram, 12 gauge loads) her arm told her she had enough. So when she tried your simulator, she did well and loved the fact that she could see where her pattern was in respect to the target. She loves the NO RECOIL even better.

The second granddaughter who is 13 and has never shot, because she is too small, tried the simulator and loved it. It was easy to teach her and see her improve right away.

Your product is going to make it easy to get young people interested in shotgun sports. Everybody who has tried the simulator gets hooked. I believe you have a winner.

Tim Frost, Lutherville, Maryland, USA

I got my DryFire system about 4 weeks ago and I think it is fantastic!

I first shot trap with an old Remington Model 870 Wingmaster field gun that I bought in 1966 when I turned 18. I went to my local trap range and shot about a 14 my first time out. (I guess that was OK and at my best I only shot about 18 after going out about a dozen or so times.) In 1971 I entered active duty in the Army, got married in 1974, had two great children, just didn't have time for trap shooting. This past summer, a friend invited me to his trap club and let me use his gun to shoot a round. After I broke a few, trap shooting was back in my blood. I have always been a shooting enthusiast (Varsity smallbore team in college for 4 years, as a Military Police officer I used to shoot the venerable 1911 all the time). I decided to get back into clay shooting. I ordered an HK Sporting Clays Competition Extra O/U. I began to read Shotgun Sports and Sporting Clays. It was there that I saw the ad for DryFire. I was intrigued and sent for their CD and finally ordered a system.

When I got my system I shot maybe 1,000 rounds in the first 2 weeks. Then I went out on the range. After a 31 year layoff, and after firing nearly 1,000 rounds through DryFire, I shot a 21/25 in trap. I think that was pretty good for a 53 year old who had fired a total of probably no more than 300 live shotgun shells on the trap range in 31 years. My buddy then invited me to go to a sporting clays range. I decided that I had better get ready with DryFire. I loaded in one of the sporting clays layouts and shot about 300 rounds concentrating on stuff that I had never fired on the trap range like springing teal, rabbits, hard crossers, and simultaneous doubles. I went out on the range with a high degree of self-confidence and I think that was a big plus. I shot 58/100 on my first time out on a clays course. don't really know if that is all that good of a score because I am still a real newbie, but one of the guys who went with us said that he heard that the average score for new shooters in clays was about 12/100. In fact, they guy said that my friend had told him that I was a newbie and to please excuse any errors I might make on the course. After I started shooting, the other guy said that he thought I was some kind of sporting clays hustler who was going to try and sucker him into betting. We all had a good laugh about that one.

I don't know if you will have the same results as I did. But I firmly believe that having the DryFire system is all the advantages of quickly, easily, and comfortably doing a lot of shooting WITH an expert COACH. You can't beat that. All they have to do now is set the system up so that it generates reloading recipes for me based on my shooting style. Hmmm, think I'll write and suggest that.

M. K. Berkshire, England

Quick feedback on the Home Pack so far.

Congratulations on coming up with such a brilliant idea, I tried it out last night for the first time and am over the moon!

I am a novice (having started clay shooting at the beginning of the year) and have been frustrated with my inconsistent performance to date. One of the biggest problems I have found with clay shooting is the total lack of visual feedback when missing a target. To my eyes I have done everything correctly, yet where did the shot actually go? Occasionally I would get a kill, but just as frustratingly have no idea what I did different.

Without changing my style I set to in order to find out what I have been doing wrong and hey presto - I am constantly shooting too high and generally behind as well - no arguments, no interpretation, it's a fact!!

I am in no doubt that this training aid will accelerate my learning curve, as I now get instant feedback after each shot.

Well done on such a brilliant product

Paul Davis, England

My Birthday went well apart from a oversight on my part, I erected a 7 x 6 metre white sheet in the garden and when the sun went down set up DryFire. Every one was intrigued to what I was doing setting up all this electrical hardware, and a definite excitement was in the air, until I called PULL.

To my utter disbelief and just my luck the laser shot across the canvas as expected but could not register the shot as it seemed to be absorbed through the material, I tested this theory by holding up a large card and it worked. I was gutted, all that work setting up polls and joining the sheets together for nothing.

Anyway we went indoors and set it up there. It went well considering it was a bit cramped with fourteen people but every one could not wait to have a go. I set up a competition in Star shot and had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize so as to keep ever body's attention to shooting their best.

The comments from the crowd ranged from amazingly realistic to I've got to get one of these. There was a definite sense of competition and envy in the air. I'm sure you will be getting a few new orders as we shot away till the early hours of the morning.

Jay R Pitha, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a great time with my DryFire unit. I had one of my friends over a few weeks ago to try it out, and he ordered one the next day. You have a great training tool here and I wish you the best of everything in your endeavour.

Col Mills, Queensland, Austrialia

Excellent Service, my DryFire unit was sent, repaired and returned within 8 days from the UK. I have told everyone in my Gun Club once again thanks for everything you have done for me.

Dave Jones, Austrialia

Thanks so much for the fantastic service on our unit. The turnaround time was amazing. Great to see a company with such good product support.

Mat Goodwin, UK

Would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I have found Dryfire to be an excellent training aid. It has helped me make it into the GB disabled olympic trap team in the top seated spot. I have also made the able bodied Wales olympic trap team 3 years in a row, with my highest ranking of 4th in wales earlier this year. Not bad from a wheelchair. I also shot a personal best of 114/125 in my first shoot last season after training almost exclusively on Dryfire. The extra practice I get has also helped me rise from C class to A class in the Universal Trench discipline over the last couple of years. The ability to identify patterns in which targets I miss, and where I am missing has proved a valuable analysis tool to tweak gun fit and technique. I will be upgrading to projection soon, hopefully the improvements will continue!