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Additional shooters

Dryfire is supplied as a personal training system - designed for a single shooter (with any number of guns) to practice at home.

Sometimes it's great to have a little Friday evening competition so the "Friends Pack" adds an additional five shooters to a DryFire system and maintains setup details, scores and rankings for each one.

DryFire can be a great training aid for larger groups of shooters and potential shooters - particularly young shooters. The "Troop Pack" adds an additional twenty shooters to a DryFire system and maintains setup details and scores for each one.

Additional gun assemblies

The Friends Pack (5) and Troop Pack (20) add additional shooters to the DryFire software.

Shooters can share the same gun or they can transfer the gun assembly from one gun to another.

You will need additional gun assemblies if you want several guns set up ready to shoot, as in a competition.