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Distributors and dealers wanted

We are looking for distributors and dealers worldwide for DryFire.

Some distributors cover large areas, others prefer to cover an area within easy reach. Personal demonstrations are a certain way to sell the system because it instantly becomes obvious how DryFire will improve scores and maintain peak performance.

Please contact us if you think you could sell DryFire in your country or area.

Distributor requirements

You may be:

  • A company with existing national or international distribution in the shooting trade.
  • A manufacturer of products for the shooting industry.
  • A national or local dealer in the gun trade.
  • An individual who wishes to enter the market with an exciting product like DryFire.

You will need the following:

  • An enthusiasm for shooting and for selling.
  • Experience with clay shooting and your own shotgun.
  • A location suitable for demonstrating DryFire.
  • An ability to understand, demonstrate, sell and support DryFire on Windows 10 and/or Apple Mac.
  • A web site.
  • An email address.
  • Sufficient time to offer demonstrations in your area.
  • Sufficient finances to purchase and hold at least two dual head systems in stock at all times - one of which must be the projection version.

We offer

  • A good margin on each unit ordered.
  • Increased margins based on sales volume - the more you take, the more you make.
  • A listing on this site as a DryFire distributor/dealer so potential customers can contact you directly.
  • Support for you and your customers - we are here to back you up.
  • An opportunity to contribute ideas to the future development of the product.
  • Free training if you are happy to visit the UK for a holiday!
  • Please note: we do not offer credit - our terms are strictly payment with order.

Please contact us to find out more about distributing DryFire.

OEM, own brand and volume distribution

We can provide OEM versions of our products - manufactured and branded under your own name.

We also offer licenses to enable local manufacture.

Obviously such things depend on reasonable volumes - possibly in specific markets.

Please contact us for a chat about OEM products or volume distribution.