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From novice to coach

Andrea is Wordcraft's MD and she joined the company when its primary business was developing and selling software to some of the world's largest office equipment companies.

When Wordcraft took over the continuing development and marketing of DryFire Andrea would have been the first to admit she had no idea what clay shooting was all about.

Her story shows how you can become an enthusiastic shooter, have a great social life and develop from novice to coach in a very short time with the help of lots of practice with DryFire.

We will let her own words speak for her.

"My obsession with shooting all started with DryFire!"

"In April 2013 Wordcraft International decided to take over the development, marketing and distribution of the DryFire target simulator. It was important I understood the sport and got to know the product so what better way than to use it! It wasn’t long before I was totally hooked and booking my first lessons at Lowes Lane SG in Derby around February 2014. After 3 lessons I bought my first gun from Countryman of Derby, it was a Zoli to which I had an adjustable comb fitted as the stock was too low (as I have with all my guns since). From then on I started to attend a few ladies shoot days and won my first competition at Sporting Targets with the Femmes Fatales. I was over the moon!"

"I had a few setbacks in my first 2 years due to a slap tear injury on my left shoulder but once I had had surgery it was a case of getting back onto the DryFire to rebuild muscle, it was the perfect physiotherapy!"

"I went on to attend more Femmes Fatales events up and down the country before deciding to sponsor these ladies and their fantastic events with DryFire. Having only shot one game day I was determined to get a few more days in the calendar so when I saw the Facebook post from BASC Ladies for a Sim Day in Derbyshire it seemed too good to miss! (On a simulated game day the clay targets are set up to fly like birds so it is great practice for Game Days.)"

"The day arrived and what a glorious day it was too! The weather was perfect, the targets set up by Round Lodge Sporting on all 5 drives were fantastic, the hospitality amazing, the ladies of course were wonderful as were the BASC team looking after us (they even organised an ice cream van). The BASC Central team of Lewis, Rachel, Richard, Richard, Gwyn, Stella, Clive and Steve had all given up their Sunday for us ladies and we really appreciated it! We finished off the day at the local pub chatting about the day, the clays and the banter with a few drinks and the best pizza I’ve ever eaten outside of Rome! I’m immediately booked my next BASC Sim Day at Orston Shooting Ground."

"I now have regular coaching sessions with Nick Hendrick, shoot a Caesar Guerini Summit and practice on DryFire! I continue to support the amazing Femmes Fatales as they have all become a big part of my life and supporting all ladies is incredibly fulfilling and an awful lot of fun!"

"I completed the BASC Safe Shot course, the Safety Officer course and the Shooting Coach training course in 2018. I am now regularly coaching Nottingham University students at Orston Shooting Ground as well as many private students on clays and game in the field. DryFire has also become an important tool in my coaching kit, I regularly hold DryFire training days back in the office in Belper."

As you can see from the photo below, Andrea does everything with style! (Yes, that's a DryFire scarf!)