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SmartAngle: FAQ

OEM product

SmartAngle is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product meaning it is available for sale or licence to companies wishing to manufacture, distribute or sell it under the SmartAngle brand name or their own brand name but it is not available for purchase in individual units from Wordcraft.

Please Contact us if your question is not answered on this page.

Where can I find out about using SmartAngle?

Click here to view the SmartAngle User Guide.

How long does it take to connect to my phone?

The connection process takes about 5 seconds.

If you have swapped from using one SmartAngle to another it will take a few seconds longer

How long does it take to read an angle?

SmartAngle is continuously reading angle values but it is best to leave it for about 5 seconds for the reading to stabilise.

Why does it require calibration before use?

Inside SmartAngle is a very tiny (about 4mm square!) but very clever chip that operates like an electronic plumb-bob. It is highly sensitive to the pull of gravity.

The problem is that gravity varies in different parts of the world - for example, you will weigh 0.5% more at the North or South pole! You can find out more about this on Wikipedia.

It is therefore best if SmartAngle, and any other levelling device, is calibrated in the area where it will be used.

What warranty is provided with SmartAngle?

Our warranty is described at the end of the SmartAngle User Guide.

In the UK consumer rights are protected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

How big is it?

Pocket-sized - smaller than a credit card, approximately 52mm x 52mm x 67mm x 17mm.

Which phones or tablets does it work with?

Any Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod using iOS version 8 or later.

Any phone or tablet using Android 4.3 ("Jellybean") or later.

How accurate is it?

+/- 0.1 degrees.

How can such a small gadget give accurate results?

Well, it just does!

In most cases SmartAngle works perfectly well on its own.

In cases where you want to measure levels over longer distances, for example: when measuring a fall or slope, you can put the SmartAngle on top of a longer spirit level.

Can I turn the voice messages off?

Yes - just tap the speaker icon on the screen to turn voice messages on or off.

How can I integrate SmartAngle into projects or products?

Contact us for help in integrating SmartAngle into yopur own project

Is it water proof?

"Water proof" means different things to different people. To some people it means:

  • "will it be OK if I spill a few drops of water on it?"
  • "will it be OK if caught outside in a shower of rain?"
  • "will be it OK if I use it outdoors all day in the pouring rain?"
  • "will it be OK if I drop it in the bath?"
  • "will it be OK if I am deep sea diving down to a depth of 300m?"

To be water proof a device requires seals on every orifice (including screw holes) - those seals are usually trapped "O" rings. This makes rims thicker to take the "O" ring and that makes the overall device larger.

The device would also need special water-proof adhesive wherever glue was used.

We think SmartAngle is "shower proof" but we make no claim to it being "water proof". We don't recommend using it outdoors all day in the pouring rain.

For comparison you could try taking apart some of your other workshop equipment to see if it is "water proof" - but you might void the warranty - so best not.

Why doesn't it have a display of its own?

There are larger digital levels with their own displays and they all have much larger batteries - usually AA size.

We wanted a device that was as small as possible, pocket sized, but with lots of extra functionality.

It then dawned on us that we are all carrying a large display in our pockets - our mobile phones!

So, we put almost all the clever stuff into the app which runs on a phone which has lots of computing power and, best of all, has a nice big touch-screen display.

SmartAngle is small because it uses a small CR2032 button battery. Such a battery would die within hours (or even minutes!) if it had to drive a display - because displays take lots of power.

SmartAngle is very clever at minimising power usage and prolonging the life of the battery but this would all go out of the window if we included a display.

How long does the battery last?

A year or more on standby ("sleep mode") - i.e. when it is doing nothing.

Obviously it uses battery power when taking readings and it remains "awake" while the app is running.

However, as soon as you close the app it will return to sleep mode.

SmartAngle has an internal timer so, if the app is running for a reasonably long time (2.5 minutes by default), it will time out and go to sleep. You can wake it up by pressing the button on the top.

We could have added a circuit to check the battery power - but such a circuit itself uses power and would drain the battery faster.

If the LEDs become very weak, or if weird things start to happen (such as regular disconnection from the app), try changing the battery.

Can I translate the app to work in a different language?

Yes - and it is easy to do!

The first version of the SmartAngle app is in English but can be quickly translated into any language.

  • Contact us - let us know who you are and what language you are interested in.
  • We will send you a small file to translate.
  • Use a text editor, like Notepad or Wordpad, to edit the file - do not use a word processor.
  • Translate the text inside quotation marks into the language you require. Leave everything else in place.
  • Return the file to us as an attachment to an email.
  • We will check the file and rebuild the app to include it.
  • We will notify you when the app is ready to download.