Requesting technical support

Our request to you

Please let us know of anything you would like added or changed in our documentation.

Before contacting us:

Information we need

If you prefer not to use English you can send your support request in your own language - this may help you give a more detailed description of what happens and what steps are necessary to reproduce the problem.

We need details

We need as much detail as you can provide. We cannot solve a problem when all we are told is:

"it doesn't work."

What doesn't work? Is the documentation unclear? How is your system set up? Are you using an add-on? What steps are required so we can see the problem ourselves?

Not working? Please look here if the simulator heads don't nod when you connect to power and a USB port

DryFire works. Thousands of shooters worldwide use it every day to improve their scores. What we have to find out is "why it isn't working for you?" What's different about your setup? What exactly is the problem and how can we fix it as quickly as possible? It may be a setup problem, it may be a misunderstanding about how things work, it may be a documentation error or it may be a bug - which we will fix!

The more detail you can provide, possibly with screen grabs or even a short video, the faster we can help, the less time you will waste exchanging emails and the sooner you will be using DryFire to improve your scores.

Getting support

This procedure applies to version 5.1 - please check that you have the latest software before contacting us.

Please see below about support for Version 4 and older systems.

With the DryFire software running click on "Settings" then "Support"

Click on "Get help", "Contact support"

The system will automatically send us details of your current settings but we need to reproduce a problem so we can see it and fix it. Please provide a step-by-step procedure that shows the problem and please check the procedure does indeed reproduce the problem before contacting us.

  • Do this ....
  • then this ....
  • then this ....
  • then this will happen ....

Click on "Send" to send your request.

Older systems

This is for older systems only, please use the procedure above for version 5 and later.

Please send us an email containing:

  • The serial number of your simulator.
  • The date you purchased the system.
  • The version number of the DryFire software you are using.
  • The PC and operating system you are using.
  • Your setup measurements: simulator to wall, simulator from floor, shooter to wall.
  • Whether or not you are using Projection.
  • Exact details of the problem - preferably as a series of steps so we can reproduce it ourselves.

Note: we cannot guarantee to fix problems with out of warranty systems - but we will do our best.

If the problem is down to hardware we may ask you to send the system back to us - we will try to avoid this because of the cost of shipping both ways.

Contact details

If you need to contact us after using the procedure above please use email address below:

Email is the fastest way to get a problem solved because we will have all the information we require and we can look into the problem before getting back to you ASAP.

COVID-19: email only

During the current COVID-19 crisis we are not publishing a support telephone number because many of our staff are working from home. They will be able to help you quickly and efficiently if you use email and provide all the details described above. The more details you provide, the quicker we can help.

For the same reason the telephone number on the contact page cannot be used for support calls.