Requesting technical support

Before contacting us please:

Information we need

We need:

  • Your name and email address.
  • Who you purchased the system from and when.
  • The product, serial number and version you are asking about.

    For DryFire/Swing Version 5 click on: "Settings", "Support".

  • The version of the operating system on your PC or mobile device.

    DryFire Version 5 requires Windows 10 (version 1809 or later) or MacOS (version 10.14 Mohave or later).

    Windows 10: select "Start" then "Settings" then "System" then "About".

    macOS: click the Apple menu icon (top left of the screen), then “About This Mac” and the "Overview" tab.

  • A list of any add-ons you have installed - click on: "Settings", "Add-ons". (Note: projected targets require the Projection add-on to work correctly.) A screen grab of the area shown below would be very helpful for us.
  • We need to see a problem before we can fix it so please give us a procedure which shows the problem. E.g.

    • Do this ....
    • then this ....
    • then this ....
    • then this will happen ....

Contact details

Please send all the above details to the appropriate email address below:

Email is the fastest way to get a problem solved because we will have all the information we require and we can look into the problem before getting back to you ASAP.

Contacting us by phone will still require all the above information and we may ask you to send it by email anyway so we have all the details we need.

Our phone number for support calls (UK office hours only) is: