Trouble shooter


If you have:

please follow the procedure on the Requesting Technical Support page to contact us.

Check your measurements

DryFire operates internally in metres (m) (see note below) and values entered in inches are converted to metres when the software is running.

So, when entering metric values, "750" (mm) would be interpreted as 750m and "75" (cm) would be interpreted as 75m. Both should have been entered as 0.75m

From "Settings", "Calibration", "Full calibration" select "Calibrate". Check "Simulator to wall", "Simulator from floor" and "Shooter from wall".

Click on "Advanced setup" and check the values there. Normally you don't have to enter anything here, but, if you do, double check that the values are reasonable. Don't change the values for "Eye height" and "Right of simulator" - these are established during the muzzle alignment procedure.

Note: there is an exception to the rule - the vertical line used during projections setup is measured in millimetres (mm).

Trouble symptoms:

The software cannot connect to the simulator

If you still have problems after trying the above please:

Please see the Requesting Technical Support page for more details.

Can't see arrows during projection setup

Follow this procedure if, during projection setup, the tips of the four arrows are not shown on the projection screen.

With the DryFire software running and your projector working, select "Settings", "Support", "Advanced", "More options", "Check projector settings" then "Open check page".

Cropping must be corrected before carrying out the DryFire projection setup. Check your projector's manual or speak to your projector supplier..

Ensure the projector's aspect ratio is set to "Native" or "Auto" and that any "Image shift" or "Zoom" features are set to zero.

Other problems with projection setup

Wordcraft cannot provide support for specific projectors - you need to try various options in the projector's User Manual to get things working correctly, accurately and consistently.

Contact the projector supplier or manufacturer if you can't get it working at all with your PC/laptop.

Check the User Guide for details of Projector Setup.

Both laser and projected targets shown

An easy check for extended or duplicated mode

If the projector is set up correctly the PC display should not be the same as the projected display.

When the DryFire software is running with the normal background, the sidebar, with the "Settings" button in the bottom left corner of the screen, will appear only on the PC display.

Your projector is operating in duplicated mode if you see the "Settings" button on the projected display. This won't work because DryFire requires extended mode.

Shots not seen

Random shots seen or heard

"Pull" not heard

Targets released before calling "Pull"

Targets and results don't feel right

Negative "uh uh" sound when doing alignment

Hit shown as a miss

Targets going the wrong way

Check you haven't accidentally told DryFire the simulator is ceiling mounted.

"Settings", "Calibration", "Advanced setup", "Ceiling mounted".

Changing clay speed

The ability to speed up or slow down a clay (in "Settings", "Clays") was added at the request of DryFire users but it is not as simple as it looks.

The real world speed of a clay is determined by the spring tension on a trap.

In DryFire the spring tension is defined in the simulation file according the rule books - this cannot be changed.

Changing the speed in the "Settings", "Clays" screen is really a slow motion or fast motion function - it doesn't change the spring tension. The clay will appear to be going slower or faster but things like the lead required do not change.

So, be careful when speeding up or slowing down clays using this function - you could learn bad habits because the amount of lead will look wrong.

Adding an add-on

When you purchase an add-on you will be provided with a "key" - a number.

Keys are stored in the simulator so ensure it is switched on and connected to a USB port - the heads will nod when connected.

Go to "Settings", "Add-ons" and enter the key to enable the add-on.

See the "How do I ...?" Guide for more details.


Check your measurements if the trajectories displayed are not what you expect.

Trouble symptoms:

The software cannot connect to Swing

If you still have problems after trying the above please:

Please see the Requesting Technical Support page for more details.