Trouble shooter



Simulator seems dead or not seen by the software

Please click here for a procedure to run some tests on your simulator

Both laser and projected targets shown

An easy check for extended or duplicated mode

If the projector is set up correctly the PC display should not be the same as the projected display.

When the DryFire software is running with the normal background, the sidebar, with the "Settings" button in the bottom left corner of the screen, will appear only on the PC display.

Your projector is operating in duplicated mode if you see the "Settings" button on the projected display. This won't work because DryFire requires extended mode.

Shots not seen

Random shots seen or heard

"Pull" not heard

Targets released before calling "Pull"

Targets and results don't feel right

Negative "uh uh" sound when doing alignment

Hit shown as a miss

Changing clay speed

The ability to speed up or slow down a clay (in "Settings", "Clays") was added at the request of DryFire users but it is not as simple as it looks.

The real world speed of a clay is determined by the spring tension on a trap.

In DryFire the spring tension is defined in the simulation file according the rule books - this cannot be changed.

Changing the speed in the "Settings", "Clays" screen is really a slow motion or fast motion function - it doesn't change the spring tension. The clay will appear to be going slower or faster but things like the lead required do not change.

So, be careful when speeding up or slowing down clays using this function - you could learn bad habits because the amount of lead will look wrong.

Adding an add-on

When you purchase an add-on you will be provided with a "key" - a number.

Go to "Settings", "Add-ons" and enter the key to enable the add-on.

See the "How do I ...?" Guide for more details.


There is currently no trouble shooter information for Swing.


There is currently no trouble shooter information for SmartAngle.